Bespoke Defined

Clothing Accessories in San Francisco

Bespoke Defined

  1. adjective (of clothes) made to individual order; custom-made
  2. adjective making or selling such clothes

What Is Bespoke At Peter Panos?

  • Comparative Pricing To Retail Outlets
  • Classic

Occasions To Bespoke

  • Groom Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Personal Preference or Style
  • Any Special Occasion

Specialized Fashion

At Peter Pano, we can create any style for any occasion. This includes theater, themed events and even lifestyle. Earlier this year, we are proud of our Vegan Suit creation. Every thread custom, hand-made from cotton and bamboo

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Our Latest Specialized Achievement.

Full length tuxedo overcoat. A formal tuxedo that is custom hand made, statin trimming details that gives the overcoat attention to details statement.

vegan suit

Coat Season Has Arrived!

100% wool Boukle’ English woolen grey & orange long top coat, full length.