What to Expect When Ordering a Bespoke Suit
Bespoke suit in a Shop

What to Expect When Ordering a Bespoke Suit

June 6, 2022

What is a Bespoke Suit

Every person has a unique. Some people are built smaller on the bottom and bigger on the top. Others are the reverse. For a person to find clothing that fits them perfectly, they must have items custom-made to their exact measurements. Many people, especially those with extreme features or disabilities, must have the majority of their clothes custom-made in order for them to fit properly.
Tailors provide bespoke suits for men and women who want to look as professional and well-groomed as possible. The suits they provide are tailored to the exact proportions of the person who ordered them. As time changes, the clothing may need to be altered to restore proper fit and form. Bespoke suits provide the owner with a stylish, professional look that allows them to make a powerful first impression, no matter what the occasion.

What Is a Bespoke Suite?

A bespoke suit is a garment designed to the exact measurements of the person who ordered it. Bespoke suits and other articles of clothing are very personal to the owner. They will not fit anyone else as well as they do the original owner. The term bespoke became popular in the 1600s and 1700s in England. Suits made to the exact measurements of a specific customer were said to be “bespoken” for.
The word has a different meaning than when it was used in the past. What remains the same is that a bespoke suit has characteristics and elements that mean the pattern belongs to one individual person. Garments like these are made precisely to measure and are separate from daily clothing that is ready to wear. Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the Royal family have many items of bespoke clothing.

How Can You Tell If a Suit Is Bespoke?

Bespoke suits are the creations of a skilled craftsman who puts between 60 and 80 hours into each garment produced. Each article of clothing is a masterpiece created to the client’s exact specifications and measurements. Each suit or item of clothing is as unique as the person it was made for. Every line and seem is individually tailored to fit the individual.
Patterns are made explicitly for one customer. It may take multiple fittings to ensure that the item is made exactly to its specifications and requires no alterations. The client’s body shape is of the utmost importance. Their preferences are also taken into consideration when the suit is being constructed. Bespoke items are hand-made with only one or two skilled craftsmen working on the suit at one time.

Why Is Everyone Using the Word Bespoke?

The word bespoke carries an air of distinction. A bespoke suit is extremely expensive and is commonly only worn by the wealthy. People associate the term bespoke with quality and also with status. Many fashion items are made exclusively for one individual. People have started to use the word bespoke for any custom-made item. While it may not be exclusive for them or to them, it is customized to their exact directions.
Almost anything can be bespoken due to the internet and people’s demand for personalization. Wedding venues, dresses, tuxedos, and jewelry are considered to be bespoke items because they are easily customized. Professionals and entrepreneurs trying to make the best possible impression often use skilled tailors to create their suits. Having one-of-a-kind clothing definitely makes a better first impression, especially if it is properly tailored.

Can a Bespoke Suit Be Altered?

Bespoke suits can be altered in specific ways. Since they are cut to precise measurements when they are first created, it can be incredibly difficult to alter them to a larger size. It is much easier to tailor them to a smaller size. To make them larger, the structure of the garment must be changed. In many cases, this would alter the appearance of the garment in an unfavorable way. Many types of alterations are immediately noticeable, even to the untrained eye.
Most bespoke garments aren’t designed to be altered. Many bespoke garments are designed so they can’t be altered without dramatically changing them. When a bespoke garment is created, the tailor will use his own style and will include his own signature or other identifying marks within the garment. This ensures that no one else can claim their work, especially if it has been altered.
Having a bespoke suit is like owning a work of art. There will not be another one like it anywhere else. If a knock-off is produced, there will be subtle differences that a professional tailor can identify when trying to prove its authenticity. A traditional tailor may not know what to look for and will have difficulty duplicating the work. if you need to have a bespoke suit altered in any way, it is important to take it back to the original designer.
Purchasing a bespoke suit from Peter Panos Bespoke Tailor is rather costly and time-consuming. You will be paying for a unique design, handpicked cloth options, multiple fittings, and hours of handmade craftsmanship. The resulting suit will be designed for one person. It will fit no one else the way it fits you. If you have made up your mind to purchase a bespoke suit, choose a skilled tailor who is fully committed to their art. This type of tailor will go the extra mile to produce a suit that is true to you in every way once you put it on.

When ordering a bespoke suit for the first time, many people have no clue what to expect during the process, which can create anxiety. Fortunately, there are several tips you can follow to help you know what to expect. These tips will educate you on how a bespoke suit is made.

Initial Consultation

You will go through an initial consultation during which you will fill out a short questionnaire. Your tailor consultant will also sit with you to talk about what you are hoping to get from your suit and if you have any ideas or pictures to share. Your answers to these questions will supply your tailor with the information needed to recommend cloth books.

Choosing a Cloth

Are you wondering what makes a suit bespoke? The cloth is typically what makes it bespoke. With over 3,000 cloth options to choose from, you are sure to find something that matches your taste and requirements. During your tailoring consultation, you will be able to look through the various cloth books on hand to help guide you through different types of fabrics.

Some places even allow you to order free fabric samples online if you are interested in seeing a small selection of cloth types prior to your consultation. Once you have chosen a cloth that you like, your tailor consultant will show you the lining selection. You can choose from quirky prints to bold colors.

Styling Your Suit

You have many style options to choose from, whether you opt for a made-to-measure or a fully-bespoke construction method. Your tailor consultant will walk you through various style options using sample jackets that are available. If you see a certain style detail you want to include in your custom suit, you should inform your consultant.

Taking Measurements

Consultants will typically request that you wear trousers and a shirt to be measured in. If you are interested in ordering a skirt, you should bring your favorite trousers and skirts along with you. Fitting rooms are available if you choose to bring a change of clothing.

While the measurements are extremely important, your body posture also plays a huge role in the way your suit fits. Your tailor consultant will take up to 30 measurements of your body in addition to taking pictures and notes of your posture. This process can take anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes.

Final Steps

The final steps of the bespoke tailoring process involve placing your order, fitting the completed suit, and taking your suit home. You will have your first fitting in six weeks after you place your order. If you are getting a fully bespoke suit, it will take about five weeks after your baste fitting. During your fitting, your consultant will determine whether your suit needs any alterations. If your suit doesn’t need any alterations, you will be able to take it home. Contact us today to get started!

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