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10 Things to Know About Bespoke Tailoring

December 1, 2022

The right suit will speak volumes to those who you come in contact with. Its immaculate fit and precision stitching will give you a dignified and stylish look that a suit chosen off the rack will never be able to match. Bespoke suits cannot be produced by any tailor. A professional like Peter Panos Bespoke Tailor is committed to excellence. Every measurement they take is precise and exact. Bespoke garments are one of a kind and designed only for the individual who orders them.

Ask For Bespoke!
When you want to look your very best, ask for bespoke! A bespoke garment is designed using your measurements, your ideas, your choice of fabrics, and your personal choices. The bespoke tailor you choose will bring your clothing to life so that it fits you to perfection. Since this is a personalized garment, it will be made to your specifications and precise measurements. It’s up to you to be as detailed as possible when it comes to describing the garment you want.

Be Inspired
Be inspired to look your best! A bespoke garment that you help design is something that is uniquely you. Create a garment that makes you shine! Whether you choose a simple suit or an elegant outfit with all of the trappings, use your inspiration to create a bespoke garment that will show your character and personality. Think about the clothes you love and use them for inspiration.

Learn About the Different Fabrics
When it becomes to bespoke garments, you can choose from many types of fabrics. Wool, silk, flannel, linen, and mohair are just a few of the best fabrics available. Talk to your tailor. Ask questions. Compare fabrics and combine them to produce the perfect garment. Learn as much as you can about each one before you make the final decision. Purpose, price, and style should all be included in the decision-making process.

Choose the Best Bespoke Tailor
Choosing the right bespoke tailor is the key to having the perfect bespoke garment made for your needs. Bespoke tailors like Peter Panos Bespoke Tailor have spent many years perfecting their skills and gaining the experience they need to create unique and one-of-a-kind garments made to precise measurements. Not every tailor has the necessary talents to make bespoke garments. Meet with a tailor and ask if they create bespoke garments. Learn as much as you can about what they offer before you choose.

Answer Your Tailor’s Questions Honestly
A bespoke tailor will ask you many personal questions. Be as honest as possible. Your answers will guide him as he works through the design process. If you have doubts, discuss them. Let your tailor know your concerns. A skilled bespoke tailor will take your ideas and the answers to your questions and create the garment to your specifications.

Let the Tape Measure Do Its Job
When you are ordering a bespoke garment, the tape measure needs to be able to do its job. If you allow it to do its job, it will flatter your appearance, not detract from it. Everyone has issues with how they look at some time or another. A tape measure in the hands of a bespoke tailor can provide you with a garment that you will be proud to wear on any occasion.

Wear Your Dress Shoes
When having a bespoke garment made, you should wear the same dress shoes to your fittings that you will be wearing to the event or occasion. Because every aspect of the garment is made to precise measurements, not wearing the right shoes will throw off how the garment fits when it is finally finished. Even a slight difference will affect how the garment looks and fits.

Plan for the Future
If you want to have a bespoke garment made, plan for many future uses. Bespoke garments are made to last. With proper care and cleaning, you will be able to wear them again and again. When you begin working with your tailor, you will be able to come up with ways that you can adapt a garment so it can be used for a variety of events. Add a shawl, vest, or overcoat to increase its usefulness.

Be Creative When It Comes to the Details
When you ask for a bespoke garment, you can be creative with the details. Choose a specific number of buttons or make the lapels a specific width. The garment is yours to help design. Every inch of it represents you and who you are. It is up to you and your bespoke tailor to work out the details, so it is exactly the way you want it to be.

Belts Should Be Optional
A bespoke garment is measured numerous times in order to produce the perfect fit. The purpose of a belt is to assist in keeping your dress or trousers securely in place around your hips. When you wear a bespoke garment there is no need for a belt. If you want to wear a belt for looks, that is acceptable, but not necessary.

Communicating with your bespoke tailor will ensure that you get the garment that you want. Don’t leave out any details or ideas that you may have. The personalized nature of a bespoke garment means that you and you alone should be making the decisions as to how it should be created. Working side by side with your tailor will allow you to watch the garment come to life right before your eyes. Contact us today to learn more!


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