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Bespoke using Old Sewing Machine, Bobbins, With Gold (Brass), Scissors

Does Bespoke Mean Custom?

April 17, 2023

People often hear bespoke and confuse it with customized garments made to measure. In reality, bespoke garments are far from being custom-made or made-to-measure. Tailoring is taken to the next level when you order a bespoke garment or suit. Bespoke garments are more expensive but are made to a much higher standard and take more of the person into consideration. It isn’t just about the measurements. It’s about the person’s style, personal characteristics, and physical movements. Custom Vs. Bespoke Many people believe that bespoke clothing is custom-made. It is, to an extent. With custom-made clothing, everything is custom for the... View Article

4 Facts About Bespoke Tailoring

January 6, 2023

If you have always wanted to have a personalized shirt, you should consider getting a bespoke tailor. This way, your shirt can be made just for you, and it will also be custom to your body. You can have different options when it comes to the fabric you will be wearing, and you can even customize the pattern of the shirt. Customize your options Bespoke tailoring is the art of crafting clothing to a customer’s specifications. It may require some handiwork on the part of the designer, but the end result is worth the wait. If you’re looking for the... View Article


10 Things to Know About Bespoke Tailoring

December 1, 2022

The right suit will speak volumes to those who you come in contact with. Its immaculate fit and precision stitching will give you a dignified and stylish look that a suit chosen off the rack will never be able to match. Bespoke suits cannot be produced by any tailor. A professional like Peter Panos Bespoke Tailor is committed to excellence. Every measurement they take is precise and exact. Bespoke garments are one of a kind and designed only for the individual who orders them. Ask For Bespoke! When you want to look your very best, ask for bespoke! A bespoke... View Article

Man wearing a Bespoke Tailored Suit

Bespoke Tailoring: Your Best Option for Tailoring a Suit

January 23, 2020

Those who have already started down the bespoke suit rabbit hole know that it can drastically alter not only your appearance, but the way you relate to the world. When you look good, you feel good, which translates positively into every aspect of your being, from the way you treat others to the way you treat yourself. Whether you’re starting a new job, investing in a custom suit for your wedding or just want to step up your fashion game, bespoke tailoring in San Francisco, CA is the way to go. Here’s why: Better fit and quality: Naturally, the biggest... View Article