How Much is a Peter Panos Custom Suit?
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How Much is a Peter Panos Custom Suit?

May 19, 2023

In some circles, having a truly bespoke suit or item of clothing meant you had the money to travel to Europe or Asia. This is not the case any longer. Saving the money to purchase a bespoke or custom-made suit is an investment that will pay rewards for many years. A custom suit is much more expensive than an off-the-rack suit because of the level of work that goes into it. Not only are the materials and construction methods much different, but the process is also vastly different. Not one part of a bespoke piece of clothing is ordinary.

Exquisite Attention to Detail

A bespoke suit is unique because of the attention to detail. From the neatness of the stitching to how a seam moves, no detail is too small to overlook while you are wearing the suit. The cuffs, zippers, pockets, and buttons must all be sewn as carefully as the hems and seams. In addition to the details that go into the making of the suit, great attention to detail must be given to how the suit fits.

Every gesture and motion will affect how the suit fits while you are wearing it. You want a suit that flows with your movements and doesn’t bunch or wrinkle at the seams. It must hang naturally and feel comfortable no matter what you may be doing.

The Bespoke Process

The bespoke process is complex. The first step is choosing a tailor who you feel will be able to produce the highest quality suit that meets your individual needs. Choosing the right materials is one of the most important parts of the process. The materials you choose will depend on when and where the suit will be primarily worn and the type of fabric you feel most comfortable wearing.

The final process is putting it all together and creating a suit that fits you as naturally as possible. Once you have chosen the materials, the tailor will create an idea for the final suit. The first few fittings will be made to create a general pattern. Sometimes as many as 35 or more measurements will be taken. The tailor will watch your movements carefully during the next few fittings to ensure every piece of the pattern is cut correctly and put together in a fashion that allows the suit to fit your body as naturally as possible.

Choosing the Materials

Wool, cotton, rayon, and polyester blends are common fabrics for constructing bespoke suits. Quality fabrics come from reputable companies like Scabal, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, and Holland & Sherry. These fabric mills produce the highest quality fabrics in the clothing industry. Many tailors often choose one or two fabric mills they rely on for most of their fabric purchases.

Every piece, right down to the buttons and zippers, must be carefully chosen so that the final result is perfectly suited to you in every way. Your tailor will be able to answer any questions about the style and materials you are most interested in.

Uniquely Your Own

The concept of a bespoke or custom suit is that it is uniquely your own. It reflects your style and character and is constructed to move naturally with your body. It is designed using specific measurements and sewing methods that allow the fabric to move easily with your body. No two people will ever measure the same or move in the same way. The custom fitting process will allow your suit to fit you as closely and naturally as possible in every way.


One of the most unique things about a custom suit is its longevity. They rarely go out of style and, with proper care, will last several years without excessive wear and tear. Off-the-rack suits tend to wear out in several areas, like the elbows, cuffs, hems, and knees. This is rarely seen in bespoke items of clothing. They fit naturally, so there is less internal wear and tear to weaken or strain the fabric.

Finding the Right Bespoke Tailor

You must choose the right tailor if you want a bespoke suit or any custom-made clothing. Peter Panos has over 45 years of experience creating the highest quality bespoke suits on the West Coast and across the United States. His commitment to detail and focus on style and movement make him more than a simple tailor. He is an artisan who has spent many years honing his craft. When meeting your tailor for the first time, get to know him. Ask questions and find out if you will work easily together. Finding the right bespoke tailor is the key to having the best bespoke suit.

Variations in Price

The price of suits varies depending on how they are made and the fabrics they are made with. Custom suits from a department store can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000. Choosing a reputable tailor specializing in custom-made suits can cost as much as $1,500. When you want the very best and money is not a concern, bespoke suits can be uniquely customized, costing you anywhere from prices starting $5,500 to $14,500 for highest grade fabrics and trimmings. If you look at the cost of a bespoke suit as an investment, the price will seem much more manageable.

Peter Panos is among the most well-known and respected bespoke tailors in the United States. His suits are worn worldwide by businessmen, entrepreneurs, and well-dressed individuals who want to always look their very best. If attention to detail is important to you and you want clothing that will stand the test of time, then choosing Peter Panos as your bespoke tailor is the correct choice!

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